Thursday, February 16, 2017


Chris and I are going to go on a date this week end! For today though Chris got me home made chocolate truffles a buddy from works wife made! They were really big and really good he also got me roses! I got Chris a foot roller, his feet have been hurting him! I also am trying to get him a silicone ring for when he works out! We got the kids dress up clothes! Jays is a Rapunzel dress and Nixon got a ninja turtles! We decided to do that for them cause this Saturday Chris is taking Jaylee to a ball this Saturday! The west lake drill team is putting it on, it's a daddy daughter Disney dance!
Nixon is turning 2! Holy cow! He loves Spider-Man, Buzz Lightyear, and ninja turtles! We're doing a Spider-Man theme! We had a friend party the day before! Our neighbors came over with their two youngest, and the Purvis's came for ice cream and cake! They got Nixon a matching game and a Spider-Man doll! For this party we gave Nixon his blow up dinosaur! Chris blew it up and scared Nixon with it! He warms up to it when it's just us but when Chris hides it places he gets scared! The kids all went upstairs and played for a long time! It was so cute that they played so well together! The following day we had a family party! Everyone made it but Jenni and Cordell! We let Nixon open the rest of his gifts! We got him a T-ball set, a lawn mower, and a book! Then we sang happy birthday to Nixon, and he totally was digging the attention and he sang along with us! Nixon has a hard time making the O shape with his mouth so he tried blowing the candles out only using the the corner of his mouth! We got him a cake and put his Spider-Man and Venom on it! It was so fun having everyone over! Can't believe how old my baby is! I love my happy little crazy handsome boy! We love you Nixon!

January 21

Friday, September 18, 2015

Rachel and Dustin's Wedding

My close friend from elementary is getting married today! Chris and Samuel got invited to go to the BYU game, which ended up being awesome for them because it was the best game BYU has had in a long time. So Ranae and I went to the reception in Holiday. It was the most original wedding I've been to and it fit Rachels personality so well. I got to talk to her mom for a bit which was nice because it has been so long. It was at a pavillion and there was a playground right next to it. It seemed really old and it scared me but Jay had no fear. The grooms lovely wife took Jay to it awhile we ate our diner. They had a BBQ! I am so happy for my old friend and it was so nice to see her again!

August 12, 2015

Avery's Birthday Party

Our friends the Dowse's son Avery is having his 2nd birthday party today! We are so excited to go, they had the party at a park in Murray. Jaylee loved playing on the playground and we loved seeing her play with Avery! They played so well together! We got him a truck with lots of noisy bottons we knew Jer and Steph would love! :) It was fun to watch Avery open his gifts, Jaylee wanted to help and they were nice enough to let her! We stayed til most people left and helped clean up, and we talked to them. I always say it when we see them but I don't know why we don't do play dates with them more often! It was getting late and we still had a bit of a drive so we stopped by Wendy's for diner! I love my little family, its fun to watch the kids growing!

August 29, 2015

Dawna's Suprise

It is my mother in-laws birthday and John is throwing her a surprise party! Chris and I took the kids, there were some family and some of Dawna's friends. The party was in their backyard, it was a beautiful day. For her birthday we got her a selfie stick and_______________. We sang happy birthday to her then had carrot cake and chocolate cake with ice cream! It was very sweet of John to put this all together for her! Happy Birthday Dawna! Love you!

August 28, 2015

Dance Class

Today is Jaylee's first day of dance class! We signed her up at Timp School of Dance and she goes every Tuesday morning at 9:30! She was such a hoot! At the begining they put music on and let them freestyle it! She ran wild, swinging her arms around, and giggling! There are 4 other girls her age! It is so cute and so fun, I hope that Jaylee is enjoying it as much as I am enjoying watching! She looks adorable in her leotard, tights, and ballet shoes!

September 1, 2015

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Welcome Home

Hayden came home from serving his 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He has returned with honor and looks so good. We got to the airport and found eachother, handed out posters the posters that we had made to welcome him home.  There were lots of people there welcoming home a missionary. When Hayden finally came down the escalator we started cheering. When Hayden finally saw us he booked it over to hug mom, he even almost knocked someone over to get to us. When he hugged my mom he started to get teary eyed, it was super sweet. Then he went around and gave all of us a hug. Hayden saw a guy that he went to the MTC with but he went to Wahsington and Hayden went to Missouri. He went over and said hi to him and then we headed out. Hayden picked Texas Road House to eat for a lunch/diner. Hayden sounded like he had a lot of fun on his mission. When we finished eating we headed home. The front of the house was decorated with yellow smily plates, banners, and ribbon. The Yates came over and we put Jay down for a nap, she has been up all day it is 4. Awhile she slept we played the Haunting of the House on the Hill. Then Jay got up and we put on Despicable Me 2 for her to wach and we played a game that Hayden brought home called Coup. It was getting late so Chris took Jaylee home and Nixon stayed with me awhile we played Say Anything. After that game Ranae and Samuel took us home just as Hayden was starting to watch his first movie called Now You See Me. I am so glad that Hayden is home. I am sure that he was a good missionary, he keeps saying that he thinks he will just wake up and be back in the mission. Welcome Home Hayden!!!!!

August 7, 2015